Is Awei Metta part of Memories Group?
Yes, Awei Metta is under the Awei Collection group of hotels by parent company Memories Group. Memories Group consists of the Awei Collection, Hotel Suggati Collection and the Keinnara Collection. Visit www.memoriesgroup.com for more details.

What are the different types of accommodation available at Awei Metta?
We have a wide range of accommodation to suit your needs. Take your pick between Garden View Suite, The Awei Suite, Junior Suite and Gary Player Suite, based on your viewing and comfort preferences.

What facilities are available at Awei Metta?
Some of the key facilities that we have include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Spa and fitness centres
  • Restaurants with private dining area
  • Conference and meeting rooms
  • Swimming pools
  • Hospitality lounge
  • 24-hour room service
  • Cigar room
  • 18-hole golf course